The First VCR



On the 63rd anniversary of the Ampex corporation unveiling the invention of the very first VTR, a unit that was revolutionary when it debuted, but wasnt quite ready to sit untop of your television set just yet. The release of this spectacular device spawned years of improvements in video technology and has led up to the video revolution of today, with the success of digital streaming on sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu, Itunes, Amazon and countless others, if it wasnt for the VTR, the world could have been a much different place.

The First VCR is an historical and entertainingly put together chronicle of video and motion-picture history and is delivered to you in a stunning new DVD from Independent Filmmaker Dwayne Buckle and is presented in full color High Definition video by NYC based production company Vision Laboratories, who, through many years of research in electronics, scientific developments, video, motion-picture and broadcasting history, was able to put together this wonderful achievement of sight and sound. A great work of historical knowledge, that is delivered in a way that we can all feel and enjoy.

The First VCR, is available on DVD & VOD August 25th, 2020. This independent film will only be available for purchase at various nationwide retailers and online.

The First VCR – Releases On August 25th, 2020

The First VCR the DVD is available online and in retail outlets, the movie will also be available as a VoD (Video on-Demand), through various VoD partners.

The First VCR, is directed by Dwayne Buckle.

The First VCR, is presented by Vision Laboratories

The First VCR, is distributed by 360 Sound And Vision Ltd.

The Official Website of 360 Sound And Vision Ltd.

DVD Available At:


THE FIRST VCR was recorded and mixed at 360 Sound Studios, NYC


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