Recording Music For The Film Score

Still image from the film "Shiksa"
Still image from the film “Shiksa”

Recently 360 Sound Studios had the opportunity do music score recording, post production sound design and sound editing for the prestigious short film SHIKSA, directed by Shannon Ousley, produced by Zoe Munlyn and executive produced by Tommy Popps, the process included music recording of live musicians as the producers wanted a live score. The process was indeed fun and rewarding, especially working with drummer Dewayne Broadnax and cellist Claude Gilbert. This process went smoothly from start to finish of course since 360 Sound Studios knows always exactly what to do. The end product indeed added more to the film because it was able to emotionally engage the acting in real time. Although some pre-recorded music was used, it all was mixed within perfect equilibrium in accordance to the mood of the film, since 360 Sound Studios also aided in the production sound for the film, 100% of the location audio was used and no ADR had to have been done, saving valuable time and money for the production. The editor of the project , Véronique Doumbe, handed us a nicely edited movie, but there was no preliminary sound adjusting or even minimal mixing done, so when 360 Sound Studios received the film, the audio needed to be totally re-edited, but thanks to the brilliance of 360 Sound Studios, that’s exactly what we did. Using our smart location sound protocol systems, in our state of the art Protools audio/video studio, we balanced the film to and engaging result, the location audio was great but we needed to re-edit the the dialogue, we added emotion, mixed the music and mastered this adorable short film to a nice 3.1 surround mix for a DCP projection that should be a hit at all film festivals near you.


Check out SHIKSA






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