The Face In The Wall

face in the wall poster small dwayne buckle 360 sound and vision

A tale of a mix. The Face In The Wall, a new science fiction film was mixed at 360 Sound Studios.

Picture seeing a mysterious apparition in a wall, and only you and a few friends can see it? No, your not seeing things, its a new movie from indie film director Dwayne S. Buckle, and some things are more heard than seen…that is, a strong sound mix and amazing film score to enhance a movie with the main premise involving a cast interacting with something that cannot be seen. Telling this story through sound is exactly why Mr. Buckle chose 360 Sound Studios to edit, mix and design the films soundtrack.

Mr. Buckle wanted a strong usage of location sound recording since the films main story-line was about a film crew working on a movie, and one of the films main characters Jimmy Dicarlo, played by Jonah Ehrenreich, played a sound recordist himself in the film. We initially worked with the original location sound, which was recorded with Sennheiser Boom microphones, and Sony ECM-77 lavaliers (which is one of our favorites by the way), we sound edited the whole film, with minimal ADR efforts, using about 99% of the original location sound.

Since we were working with the director from the earliest stages of the production, we were able to create a perfect balance of sound editing, sound design, music composition and music mixing, integrated with fine visual accompaniment through the brilliant photography and film editing of The Face In The Wall.

The Face In The Wall will be released internationally in Theaters and on Digital Download, DVD & BLU-RAY in July, 2017.


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